I haven't been writing anything in the last couple months. And I can say a lot of things that happened and I don't know it gets really upsetting. I feel like every time people contact me and I need to deal with a lot of things that I.. uh.. I don't think that's the thing that I need to deal with. I mean, that's not important, but people stink think that I need to get involved in it even though I don't think I need to be.

I think that these days I feel people are so selfish. They don't care about anyone around them and they just think about themselves and their problems. If you want people to care about you, care about other people, too.

Well, let's just say I'm quite a bit tired of listening to people. People want this and that but they never want to listen. It's getting crazier day by day. Somehow one of them thinks that they are so important that what they say always right and that everyone has to do what they say. If that's the kind of world that you want to live why don't you just be the queen or king of your own dreamland.

But, you don't live in this world to rule anything but your own body and life. You've got no right to rule anybody. And self-centering yourself isn't gonna make you any cool. I'm just so tired about people always talking, and always want or should I say must be heard where they don't want to listen.

I am so gonna explode sooner or later. I just don't feel that I like where I am.

I'm an introvert and that's kinda helping me organizing myself. Most of the time I don't really need people to say anything or help me with things. And I know it's not their fault when people are so extrovert and they want to tell all things to me about their problems or anything they have. But I just feel like I've heard a lot of things but yet they still want me to listen to what they say. Sometimes I feel like what's inside my head's already full enough and that I'm about to explode. Moreover when they ask me for my advice but in the end they actually never listened to me and just keep doing what they think is right. So why did you as my advice in the first place anyway? Do you really need me?

well may be I should make it explode so that I can be relieved. I don't understand. I don't hate them. I just don't think like I want to listen to their problems anymore. Sometimes, I feel like they are some kind of unbelievable because they can't solve their problems. They have to solve it, not just letting and then share it all the time with me. I know it's not simple but at least I don't have to listen to the same story every time. sharing all your problems with me all the time doesn't make your problems solved. I can only comfort you. what do you think I am? God? who can solve all of your problems?

I need a break. I totally need it. I'm tired.

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