Goodbye May :)

I did promise to write blog at least once a month but the fact that I've just missed May, so. Mission failed. hahaha

But anyway, days are passing so fast, week is just like another day and months are like another week. and years? are like years. I can't really believe that I left this blog for a month and a half, and I didn't remember at all that I hadn't written any blog on May. And YES, I've been busy so bad like I want to escape from Korea and arrive at Indonesia in a second. keep thinking about giving up but always remind by the quotes of..

The minute you think of giving up any relation, think of the reason why you held it so long

don't ask me who said that, haha. so, MY GOD, May has just passed and now it's June already. It's a bit surprise though I don't really remember the day one of May. But I do remember that the end of May wasn't good enough but wasn't bad at all. days are like the next hours. The wiser you spend your hours, the more worth it the day you've passed without any regrets.

Okay, I'm gonna talk about June which is the most exciting month of the year because the first thing first is, i'm going back to Indonesia. Because that's all I need now. almost 4 months in Indonesia is enough to make me sick of all things. My assignments, my activities. They just really make me want to go home even more. And I wish I was in Indonesia the second I wake up in the morning and open my eyes widely with bright smile from my face. but that's crazy, I know.

The next big thing is that, I'm gonna go to Indonesia and stay for a while in Hongkong which I heard has a big MAC COSMETICS stores, so, I'm gonna spend my money there. I hope to use it wisely. :p

I really don't want to do anything in Indonesia. I really need a looonngg time to rest. It's not something that easy to recover. And moreover I'm an 'easy-to-get-bored' kind of person and it's really hard to convince me to forget my boredom. Just like the fact that I haven't eaten KFC and bento for years. Because I had eaten that for my whole life. I'd rather not to eat anything than I have to eat those. And it's really difficult to convince me to release the boredom.

That's why before I'm getting sick of it, I need to rest for a while and get some new fresh air. And I'm planning on buying a new camera, because I realize that I need it so bad. I can't just borrow my friend's camera all the time for like what? the next 2 years? why don't I get a cheap camera that at least can help me with my assignments, right?

So, I'm going back to Indonesia on June 27th, and I feel 26 days left, it's such a loooooooooong way. It's like so fast the days pass but I still can't reach the day. :)
So far, this is not my worst semester at all, let's see what we'll have the next semester. I'm not ready but, we'll see soon.

Oh, to close this not in a rude way, I'm gonna give a little gift, I'm gonna pick my favorite video lately :) enjoy!

PS: I know this is a song, but this song is amazingly super good. :P enjooooooooooooyyyy :D
It's Damien Rice's The blower's daughter.

OH! one more, I'm gonna give you something, a video that I made for my brother's birthday :)

It wasn't good enough. But He liked it :) byeeeeeee byeeeeeeeebyeeeeeee


Fradita Wanda Sari said...

Wah selamat ya akhirnya bs balik lagi ke Indo :D

Sara Elizabeth said...

thank you :) I'm waiting so much impatiently for it :D