sleep sleep sleeep

actually I was about posting a blog. but because I was busy or may be not really. I was distracted to other things. So I didn't post it. The things that happened this weeks, are bad and good.
Let me tell you the bad one first.

So, in one day I argued with 2 of my English teachers. One was because we're made in a group where each group should bring 6 straws and an egg. I brought the straws. And one of my friends in group should have brought the egg. But that day, she didn't come! And I was like panic but what should I do? call her? I don't have her number. We are told to make a nest (from newspaper tape, the egg, and the straws) for the egg so that the egg wouldn't break when we drop from 5 meters. And the teacher approached us and asking, "where is your egg?" and then I told him what happened and he was like, "then what is the meaning you're doing this?" and he was about to take the newspaper. And I said, "no no.."
And he said, "Okay, so where's your egg? you don't have one?"
I said, "one of t=other group's member is buying it right now."
and he said, " well, you are told to bring the egg, but she doesn't come. What will you do? If you can't do the task that I give, I can give you an F."
And I was like a little bit angry and said, "But she's the one who should bring the egg. And now she doesn't come. That's not our fault."
And he said, "Yes, why she doesn't come? don you have her number? you should have everyone's number in your group. This group is serious."
And then he said again to me, "I had an experience where one of the member didn't come and the other member had to do the task alone and he failed. And I gave him an F. And I don't want it to happen again"

Okay, that's okay with me. I really understand. But it's not my fault. And she was overslept. That's why she didn't come.

On the same day, different teacher. This is the worst case one. He had asked us to buy a book but in fact He never uses the book. And He only asks the book at the end of the class, "any questions about the book? no? you can go home now." then why did you tell us to buy a book? so the university wouldn't know that you're not teaching us the right curriculum? I really hate him. He asks us to make 2 sentences every week when we're in his class. Because I didn't attend his class last week, so he asked us to read the sentence we made last week. And he said, "You need to understand that you read the last week sentence." And I told him that I didn't come last week and he said, okay.

I really hate when he asked us to make sentences with quality but when I made it he seemed like he didn't like it. He asked for koreans to make quality sentences, but when they made their low level quality of sentences, he didn't like it too. then, what kind of quality sentences that you like? you want me to make sentences with koreans' low quality level? are you sick? one of them even said, "I will give everything to you because I love you". I bet he had copied it from a song.

and the worst part is, that he told us the best way to master english is, YOU WRITE DOWN ALL THE SENTENCES IN YOUR MIND ON CARDS AND YOU READ THEM REPEATEDLY UNTIL YOU MEMORIZE IT ALL.

And the first thing in my mind was, WHAT KIND OF TEACHER ARE YOU? you're not even teaching in the right way. If that's you solution to master english. Let me tell you. I'm not even from a country which uses english as my mother language. But I know it exactly that the best way to master english is to love and to learn it seriously. Not memorizing all the sentences on your cards. It means you're memorizing language. not learning it. and you're not gonna master it. You're gonna ruin your english. Just like koreans, they only know..

"Hi, How are you?"
"Fine, thank you. And you?"

that's totally stupid. so are you planning to make koreans' english even worse?

Enough with the heavy and the hatred. let's move the the best one.
Actually it's started with the worst thing, that I got an assignments that really made me stress. So, I ended up working on it until 3 am, and I needed to give it to the professor at 9 am. I worked at my faculty building with my friend. I came back to home at 3.30 and slept at 5. And I woke up at 8, and attended his class. But during the class I was like gonna fall from my head, because I was so sleepy. By the end of the class he told us to come to his office. We had a small talk and than we had lunch together. And I was like, ooohhh.. I really like him. Damn he's so smart. When I did a presentation about what I made. I couldn't even explain what I made and then he explained it to the rest of the class. His explanation was totally smaaaaaaaaarrttt.. I really like him. And now, I like him more. My hard work was paid to chatting and had lunch with him. I really like him!!

okay that's enough. I haven't slept. It's time to sleep

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