going back, schedule, and youtube.

It's February 21st, 2011. 02:04 a.m at Jakarta, which means 2 days left before my flight back to Korea. So before I say goodbye to Indonesia, I decided to write a new post. And I'm going to talk about several things in this post.

The 1st best part is, good news! That, I got my most-wanted subject at this semester. At first because of the (worst) speed of Indonesia's Internet, I didn't get it. And because of the crazy little quotas of the class. The professor only gave 10 seats for his class. And I was totally mad because all the subjects that I organized (8 subjects with 20 credits), was only registered half of all. I was confused, and panic because it means that I need to re-organize all my subjects, look for the interesting subjects and match the time with other subjects and fix all my schedules within 2 days. I don't understand why I couldn't get the subjects that I really wanted. And it always unmatched with my faculty subjects. But, I got a good news from my same-faculty friend. She said that the professor would open 2 seats for tomorrow's register, and I didn't re-organize my schedule. So I woke up in the morning and tried to log in as fast as I could, and I got it!! What a miracle! But, unfortunately my friend didn't get it. I don't know whether she got it already or not. And I tried to register the half unregistered-subjects. I got almost all of them, only 2 subjects are left, because the classes are full. So I only need to attend the classes for the first time, and ask the professors to let me attend their classes.

2nd best part is, that I thought that I would get any physics subject this semester, and seems like God heard my cries :D. When I registered the physics subject, it said that I need to cancel the physics subject that I took last year. Means, that the subjects is not for me!! yeah! free of mathematic and physics.

and it's my unofficial schedule for this 3rd Semester, I haven't registered 2 subjects yet. :D

random things, about youtube. As the fact that I really like a youtube channel, it's called charlieissocoollike. He's an English Youtube vlogger. I like most of his videos, and his latest video is about Fun Science: The Moon. Which he just started. He wanted to talk about science things which he started from the moon. His explanations is simple but good enough. And because he's an English. He talks British accent with full speed. I needed to replay the video several times to get all the words that he said (he speaks really fast). So it might be difficult for people who don't really get used to hear british accent. It sure needs a lot of practice which for me, I'm still practicing myself by listening to his video or watch English movies without subtitles and still can't catch every word clearly and easily. But it's so fun, and challenging. so here it is, the video.

The last part of this post, I'm gonna end it soon. And it's the worst part. I'm going back to KOREA!. I'm not leaving it. Sadly, badly, hardly enough to tell. My flight is on Wednesday 18.30. Oh, I really don't want to go back. I'm not ready. But it seems like I'm okay with it. I'm just feeling not ready to leave all of these laziness and cheerfulness and where I can easily talk with people using my own language. Though I hate to go back, but I'm happy that I'm already on the 2nd year of my degree. I just need to finish it as soon as I can. Faster I finish it, the better would be. Last line, "I am not crazy" — Lucy Pevensie, The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian. I don't know why, I like when she said that line. And yes, The Chronicles of Narnia movie series are my lovely movies right now. Goodbye, see you at Korea~

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