People dream, and everybody has dreams. Some can make it happen, some just can not. I don't really know whether my dream can become true or not. But, all of us want it to become true, right? Though sometimes it's hard when you see your own friend or someone you know who chases the same dream with you already got what he/she wants.

It's not easy but you need to be happy for them. And sometimes all they need is only your support and cheerfulness and your bless for them. It's so hard to see other people already got what they want while you're still sitting there and waiting for you can have it yourself. And sometimes, though I don't want to blame God, cause I know every single thing that happens to me is God's grace, mercy and plan.

And I follow Rev Run Wisdom on my twitter account, and these days I'm getting used and accept all the things about Korea. But somehow Rev Run tweeted this sentence for 3 times these days where I agreed. But it's just weird for him to tweet it more than once. He says,

God did not bring you this far just to leave you.

 I absolutely agree with him. But because I feel that everything's okay right now, I feel Rev Run tweeted it too much. And I began to tell God, "Yes, God. I already got that. why do you need to tell me again and again? I got it!". But then I talked to my friend and she got a school in a place that she wants the most in this world. Which is the same place that I really love most in this world, too. We have the same dream.

I don't know whether God said it for that mean, or not. But, though I feel a little bit broken inside, but I feel happy for her. So happy, really. I'm so happy and very excited and can't wait for her to go there and chase her dreams more.

God has plans that we don't know and we can't imagine. But I believe He wouldn't have brought me this far just to leave me alone. God is just so good.

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